Drone Restrictions

Drone sign 1

Released from RAFB, Friday, July 14, 2017:

"On Friday one of our T-6s nearly collided with a drone about 2 miles north of the base along the extended centerline of the west runway. This description puts the near miss somewhere near the intersection of Universal City Blvd and Coronado although it is impossible to say where the drone was actually being operated from. The altitude was 1000' above the ground... 600' above the FAA maximum allowed altitude. Had a collision occurred, debris from the drone or the aircraft could have easily landed on houses, an apartment complex, retail center, or even the Universal City municipal building!

While we hope that the FAA and communities are given more tools in the future to address these issues, currently our best method to prevent these potential collisions is education of the public in an attempt to reach all the potential operators out there. We are available to provide briefings to city councils or to the community about the threat and things they can do to ensure we all remain safe. And we will continue to create messages that can be shared throughout the communities."